Working with AGOMED means working with a company committed to excellence. Our products are German engineered, biocompatible and cutting-edge. Our team members collectively bring decades of medical technology experience to the table.

We’re reliable. We’re flexible. We’re inventive.

AGOMED collaborates with distributors, hospitals, and doctors worldwide to create and develop exacting, state-of-the-art solutions for complex surgical problems. We work closely with specialists to insure that our implant systems for Traumatology/Orthopaedics of upper and lower extremities improve the patient’s quality of life.

Patient safety is always our number one priority.




Armin Scham is leveraging 35 years of sales experience in the field of surgical implants, instruments and devices to launch AGOMED cutting-edge technology. He has devoted his career to advancing the distribution of German-engineered medical instrument technologies in the fields of orthopedic, dental, and veterinary medicine.

Prior to the formation of AGOMED, Mr. Scham served as Vice President of International Sales at companies such as KLS Martin, aap Implantante AG, and Henke-Sass Wolf GmbH. Through his work with medical professionals, distributors, and specialists he established business for new marketplaces worldwide.

He has successfully led teams comprised of 80+ sales representatives and was responsible for increasing sales 200% by reorganizing service and distribution structures during his tenure.

Mr. Scham earned a B.S. in Business Administration.



Manuel Wörner founded AGOMED in 2014 and leverages 11 years of operations experience in the field of surgical implants, instruments, and devices to launch the company’s high-quality product line. Driven to create businesses that develop innovative products, Manuel uses his expertise in production & development, marketing, and sales to lead the company.

Manuel’s varied experience gives him a unique perspective which he brings to AGOMED. At the age of 19, he enlisted in the German army. His time there, which included a 6-month assignment to the KFOR peacekeeping project in the Kosovo region, was spent performing mechanical work. At the age of 22, he started a successful IT/web solutions business in which he consulted for small to medium-sized businesses. The skills that Manuel has acquired throughout his career, which includes software programming, web design, IT, mechanical engineering, and marketing, means he can contribute to AGOMED in multi-dimensional ways. He possesses a knowledge set that allows him to be very closely involved in the development and marketing of products.

Prior to founding AGOMED, Manuel served as Manager of IT/Operations for companies such as Zimmerbiomet and others.



Tristan Jones Percival was instrumental in the development of AGOMED from the moment of its inception. With ten years’ experience in the field of medical technology, an in- depth knowledge of their top quality, “made in Germany” products, together with fluency in English, German, French and Spanish, he is able to promote AGOMED world-wide. Tristan offers extensive expertise in international marketing negotiation, export documentation, logistics, team coordination and management. 
His experience includes establishing vital business contacts, including the organisation of, and participation in, presentations and training sessions for sales and medical staff.  Following AGOMED´s strong customer centred ethos, he liaises closely with surgeons on bespoke product development.
Tristan has a proven track record in direct sales. In a previous role, as an International Sales Director in Spain, he increased sales by 45%.